About Us

Pragyan Saving and Credit Cooperative is established under “Cooperative Act 2048 B.S.” in Nepal. It is registered in Division Sahakari Karyalaya in 2070 B.S. with registration number 4215/070/71.

We are one of the innovative and advanced financial institutions in Balambu- Kathmandu, with an aim to uplift the society economically.

Our history

Having starting its operation about four years back, Pragyan Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd has been able to win the trust as a prominent financial institution in the market. The organization was incorporated with the objective of extending international standard financial services to the members of different aspects of society enhancing sustainability to its members by providing financial independence, mutual cooperation and support for the common economic interests of its members, being guided by the internationally accepted cooperative values and norms.

Pursuing its objective, Pragyan Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd has been providing value added financial and other services through its service centers throughout the country and has successfully completed three years of its operation in the process of becoming a national level viable community based financial institution and is now running in the promising fourth year of its operation.

Pragyan office building

Our goals

The major objective of Pragyan is to support isolated and powerless individuals and is continuously serving with mission to provide affordable and equitable access to all. Pragyan believes in achieving synergy effect (2+2=5) by collecting insignificant amount of individual members as saving and providing credit to honest and capable individuals who are lacking to fulfill their dreams may it be business, home, education or land.

Here at Pragyan, we pledge to:

  • Inspire members to be habitual of regular saving.
  • Increase economic prosperity and establish developed society by channelizing individuals' insignificant and idle amount of money into significant income and skill-oriented jobs.
  • Attain the respect of our members, employees and community by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.


To provide better faster and easier customer service, to manage the daily transactions for clear accounting, the institution uses the “Prabhu Co-operative Solution - PCS” a banking software which helps in effective and trustworthy transaction for customer.

Pragyan Savings and Credit Co-operative Ltd recognizes more that in the past the necessity of strengthening its support with other affiliate Co-operative organizations. This is based on the value of solidarity drawn from the saying that goes that “Unity For Better”. By cementing strong bonds of co-operation with other co-operatives, the organization is and has been able to achieve more than it could single handed.