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The Saccos: helping many people in short time of period

Pragyan Saving and Credit Cooperative is established under “Cooperative Act 2048 B.S.” in Nepal. It is registered in Division Sahakari Karyalaya in 2070 B.S. with registration number 4215/070/71.

Pragyan is one of the innovative and advanced financial institutions in Balambu- Kathmandu, with an aim to uplift the society economically. The major objective of Pragyan is to support isolated and powerless individuals and is continuously serving with mission to provide affordable and equitable access to all. Pragyan believes in achieving synergy effect (2+2=5) by collecting insignificant amount of individual members as saving and providing credit to honest and capable individuals who are lacking to fulfill their dreams may it be business, home, education or land.

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What we do

Financial improvement of our society is our main goal.

Saving Features

Saving is a portion of disposable income not spent on consumption of goods but accumulated or invested for the betterment in future by getting unlimited services presently. In today's financial competitive world, we are providing very attractive and effective saving schemes with high interest rates.

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Loan & Advance

All of us have a dream to be successful in our life by doing something which is very economical & profitable for that we need proper fund from a secure place by respecting these ideas we have been providing loans to our customers for a fixed period of time at a variable or fixed rate of interest with repayment calculated at the outset on the basis of monthly installments.

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More Services

We understand that your time is money. To save your valued time and reduce the everyday hassles of walking down to the co-operative, We are providing other several services i.e. e-banking, sms banking, remittance services.

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Our latest news

News, Events and updates

Customer Service Excellence Training

Customer Service Excellence Training 2075

It is the training for customer service excellence facilitated by International Standard Icon (ISI) Nepal.

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4th Annual General Meeting - 2074

Our 4th Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd Paush 2074 in Balambu. All our members and share holders attended the event and discussed on several topics.

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Essential Skill Training

This workshop was designed to provide trainees with the essentials skills to adapt Corporate Communication & present with ease and confidence.

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3rd Annual General Meeting - 2073

Our 3rd Annual General Meeting was held on 16th Paush 2073 in Pranidhi English School. All our members and share holders attended the event and discussed on several topics.

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